About Us

Our Story is quite simple….. It is said that when something works, don’t change it We realized that while we have evolved, the concept has not changed after all good food, consistent service and a pleasant atmosphere is what a restaurant is all about.

Our food and preparation methods begin with name brand products And quality is never sacrificed ! All menu items are cooked fresh to order and many of our favorites are old family recipes that are here to stay.

We appreciate your cooperation in following the current Covid-19 guidelines, keeping our staff safe so we can continue serving you GOOD FOOD – THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN ENJOY!


Kim & Doug McLeay

Farmer Sausage - A Family Tradition

The tradition of Farmer Sausage dates back to the days when families would gather to butcher the pig (or pigs, if several families were involved).  What followed was a bustle of activity... slicing, cutting, washing, packing, grinding and salting, and someone was no doubt tending to the rendering kettle.  And when the moon shone over the cowshed that night, the hams would have been hung to smoke, and without a doubt, some industrious housewives would have preserved quarts and quarts of precious home ground pork sausage to feed the family all year long.  The tradition of farmer sausage lives on, but with the advent of the freezer, canning is no longer a necessity.  It is with pride we bring you 100% pure pork sausage, ground in the heart of a mennonite community.